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Humanity is tasty when properly prepared

Watch the pesky grisly bits

12 July
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You never know what I might be doing! You may find me playing on the computer, fighting, melting metal, working on the homestead, riding a bike, or reading a book. I have 9bajillonty hobbies and not enough money or time for a quarter of them. (See my interests list for an example)
(writing parenthetical asides), a cups, amanda tapping, angelina jolie, apiaries, apiculture, apis mellifera, archery, armor, barony of forgotten sea, battletech, beekeeping, bees, bents, bicycles, blacksmithing, brewing, bronze casting, calontir, carpentry, cats, central missouri state university, chess, cmsu, computers, csi, cyberpunk, cycling, discordia, drew barrymoore, early period board games, extended families, fighting, flinging paint, flying spaghetti monster, forge, forgotten sea, foundry, freaky chicks, fyrd, fyrdmen, games, garb, gardening, gingery books, giro d'italia, goddesses, henry rollins, hippies, history, home remodeling, homebrewing, honey, house caerleon, iren-fyrd, kansas city, knights, kubuntu, lance armstrong, libraries, lilies war, lindsay books, linux, lois mcmaster bujold, lost forest, marshal, mead, mechassault 2, mechwarrior, medieval, metalwork, metalworking, middle ages, mini skirts, missouri, movies, music, mythbusters, no doubt, paintball, pauley perrette, photography, piercings, pink, polyamory, porn, punk, reading, recumbent bicycles, redheads, renaissance faire, renaissance festivals, road racing, robotech, role-playing games, saint albans, sca, sca wars, school girls, sci-fi, scifi, shadowrun, shameless flirting, short skirts, ska, skinny dipping, small tits, smut, society for creative anachronism, speedball, spring classics, sword fighting, swords, sylveastan, tank girl, tattoos, thistle and shamrock, threesomes, tiny tits, tori amos, torse, tour de france, used bookstores, vinting, voyeurism, vuelta a españa, warrensburg, welding, west wing, william gibson, wine, wood working, xbox